Best Nursery School in Faridabad

The innovative learning methodologies are adapted in a manner that meets the highest international preschool education formats. As the best Nursery School in Faridabad, the GD Goenka school has brought in a new perspective to the kindergarten teaching. 

The children of 1 to 2 years age group are taught for 2 to 2.5 hours in a day with a proper focus on their mental development. There is a playgroup consisting of 1.5 to 2.5 years age group as well as a nursery group having the age group of 2.5 to 3.5 years. 

All these age groups are treated well including their feeding, playground activities so that they can grow up with their smile. The parents who have admitted their children in GD Goenka, expresses heartfelt gratitude for providing their kids a home away facility for their all-round growth and development. They make sure that the children are given immense happiness, complete freedom and the required encouragement & guidance, in order to maintain their young minds grow and blossom in the fun environment of the our nursery school.

Best Nursery School In Faridabad- GD Goenka Public School in Faridabad
Pre Nursery School in Faridabad

GD Goenka Nursery School Faridabad Offers:

  • Natural learning environment for kids to protect their childhood.
  • Besides ensuring a safe & comfortable environment, the school provides and positive environment for kids.
  • GD Goenka’s holistic approach towards education is aimed at making a difference to education at the grass root level.
  • The nursery school always creates an exposure to an integral part of the Indian heritage.
  • There are a myriad of activities like art and craft, computers, aerobics, dance, skating, yoga, personality development and communication development
  • Team of qualified coaches and teachers made GD Goenka the best nursery school in Faridabad.

Why Choose Nursery School in Faridabad-

The most happening play school in Faridabad is the GD Goenka nursery school Faridabad which teaches in any easy and playful manner thus helps in the school and emotional building of a tiny kid.

With age appropriate activities, the school emphasizes on the all-round development of your child.

GD Goenka’s well trained staff meets the unique needs of the children. There are Good teaching equipment and aids for all round personality development. Additionally, there are various activities like art and craft, dance and more during summer camp.